Jimmy Allen - Romans Lectures (4)

Jimmy Allen was known for his classes on Romans throughout over 40 years of teaching at Harding University. He embodies the approach to Romans that assumes it is almost systematic theology by Paul because no strong occasion that calls it forth like is the case with Galatians, for example. I disagree with Jimmy on this point but think he does the best job of anyone I know at unpacking the heart of the message from Romans 1-8. He does a great job of relating Paul in Romans to some of what James says about faith in the book of James. I agree with and appreciate his approach to chapters 9 through 11 in his treatment of Israel’s role but I just don’t think he ties chapters 9-11 into the whole of the book enough to grasp a major part of Paul’s point.

I have personally benefited from Jimmy Allen in many ways and his material on Romans has been one of best ways he has influenced me. Beyond that, however, historians in the Churches of Christ have talked about a transition in the Churches of Christ to an understanding of grace and his classes at Harding University are rightly seen as significant contributions to that transition in the Churches of Christ. Ironically, one known for his sermon on "What Is Hell Like" is also noted as one of the voices helping move the Churches of Christ to a more grace centered message.

Jimmy’s teaching and preaching on Romans changed my life. I am so grateful to him for those lessons and am grateful that my oldest son, Nate, was able to take Jimmy Allen’s last class he ever taught at Harding University – and that class was Romans.

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