Identity Statement
Our board is a deliberate snapshot of people we serve. We do not represent them; we are those people. As one, we are defined by a common essence beneath and beyond our significant diversity. Ultimately, we are a unique and minority group who will never forget but will always remember how deeply we need God's grace, how securely we walk in his grace, and how powerfuly his love for us gives others hope. We step up and step forward as undeserving people loved by the Creator of the Universe and with no other boast. We are content with being ourselves as God is making us who he calls us to be. Consequently, we are freed from ourselves to give hope beyond human ability.

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Welcome to the People of Pure Heart Vision

Randy Willingham

Board Members
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John Loftis

Glynda Mayo-Hall

Flavil Yeakley

Steve Smith

Tom Tackett

Tom Taylor

Linda Wallingford

John Watson

Randy Willingham

Bill Johnson

Jesse Trice

Gabriel Avila
John Loftis is as honest and vulnerable as a child while being as strong and courageous as an experienced soldier. He is secure in a confidence that rises above the false securities many lean on to cover a poor self-image. He impresses others with his lack of need to impress. He is, therefore, freed to encourage others. He is impressed by people who are not overly impressed with themselves; he is impressed when he sees people build others up and make a difference in others’ lives. He is interpersonally competent at levels he cannot himself explain (as are all true masters of any skill!). John’s honesty and openness is very disarming in a way that makes people feel at ease. He empowers the child within all of us us to freely speak the fears and hopes of our hearts. Yet, he is quite capable of response when people mistreat others. He believes we should be about living lives that show Christ within us (Colossians 1:27) and reveal Jesus to the world by the love we have for each other (John 13:35). When asked what Pure Heart Vision does, he says "that is the wrong question. The question,is 'what do you need?'" If we asked our board, “who, among us, do you adore?” all would shout in unison, “John Loftis!”
Glynda Mayo-Hall is a Spirit led, hope-filled, and wise-hearted Christian. The first time we experienced each other was on a conference call with a larger group. She captured my heart and resonated with me immediately. She has a deep understanding of people often missed by others, and she has no fear when it comes to expressing her reflections. Yet, she is very wise, respectful, and appropriate in surfacing what everyone knows that few have the nerve to admit. I have seen her, time and time again, lead a group of gifted leaders because of her willingness to get at the heart of a matter that others fear expressing. She is uniquely able to surface high value conversations empowering others to participate at levels of engagement they may not have previously experienced. Glynda is a strong person who does not force herself on others. She is patient, kind, and very gracious.  She is a voice for the voiceless, accountability for the powerful, and a path for the aspiring. Her faith is integrated into every aspect of her life. Her love for others drives her to seek a place for others above herself. She is charismatic yet charming, courageous yet caring, insightful yet truly open, and she is bold yet deeply sensitive to both God and others. Glynda is a resourceful and creative lady who has been a pioneer in many ways opening doors for others beyond herself.
Dr. Bruce McLarty

is stepped off our board when he took the role of president at Harding University.

Dr. Flavil Yeakley is the most often quoted faculty member of the entire Harding University Bible department. He is known across the nation as a church growth statistician who has been conducting research on the churches of Christ for decades. He provides consulting, coaching, writing, and research to Pure Heart Vision and the Center for Spiritual Leadership. He directed the Center for Church Growth at Harding University from the early 1990's until just recently when he allowed us the blessing of inheriting that center to create the Center for Spiritual Leadership. We are now creating the Yeakley Digital Library. Dr. Yeakley is faithful, loving, and deeply dedicated to God's Kingdom. You can click on the Yeakley Library icon on the right side of this web page to access many of his materials that he makes available free of charge.
Steve Smith is an emotionally sensitive person who is serious about spiritual depth and holiness. He is unimpressed with fads and superficial “spirituality” that is full of praise and empty of real godliness. Yet, he is a praise-full person who loves experiencing God, and God alone, at the center of our shared lives and worship. He is deeply committed to fostering healthy relationships between brothers and sisters in Christ and sharing what we have in Christ with others. He understands that loving each other the way Christ loves us is the biblical doctrine we should be living. He is devout in his faith without being condescending toward others. He is open to insight from people with whom he does not agree without losing sight of his own convictions. He is receptive, disciplined, intelligent, and deeply dedicated to serving others beyond his own self-interest. He empowers others to participate in his own personal and ongoing growth into deeper spiritual maturity.
Tom Tackett is a true spiritual shepherd no matter what role he may fill, and he has filled many! He completed a degree in biblical studies because he simply wanted to better understand the Bible as God’s word. He did not pursue his degree because he wanted to be a minister. He has served as an elder, a deacon, and a minister. Currently he is employed by Future Fuel Chemical Company in Batesville, AR after working a number of years for Eastman Chemical. He is, also, currently serving as a minister for the Glennwood Church of Christ in Tuckerman, Arkansas.  Tom is, at heart, a coach who loves to see others succeed. He calls people to their best by effectively identifying and articulating strengths that are deeply within a person. Not only does he identify our strengths but he describes them in detail and uncovers the ways our strengths benefit others. He is a gifted non-flattering encourager in such a way that he empowers us to believe we can make the trip from where we are to where we wish we were. He is tender hearted, spiritually dedicated, giving of himself, and ready to serve. If you want to see him in tears ask him about seeing young girls increase in their confidence as they experienced national level prominence as a softball team. He loves to see others do well. 
Tom Taylor is a problem for people who think that religiously devout people never have any fun! He is centered in and by his faith. From a foundation of his faith, he has effectively balanced his work life, family, and Christian service. He has been a dedicated father to his two grown sons, and has given them a model for engaging life fully in ways that honor God while enjoying the life God has given. He is a smart and informed believer with a tender heart that runs underneath his fun loving playfulness. He is trusting, patient, and gracious with others. Tom has a solid grasp on the heart and mind of rural churches of Christ. He came to Christ when he was in the Army serving in Alaska. He then served rural churches and received the certification from the Harding School of Biblical Studies, completed a bachelor's degree in Bible and Ministry at Harding University, and a master's degree at Harding Graduate School of Religion. Not only does Tom understand rural churches of Christ but he also loves them. He served as a minister before returning to school to become a pharmacist. He currently does fill-in preaching, and is a pharmacist at Fred’s Pharmacy. 
Linda Wallingford is a deeply gracious, kind, and sweet spirited lady of principle, dedication, and faith. She has, therefore, a unique mixture of strength and kindness expressed in patience, determination, and a resolute heart. She is non-assuming for herself yet always giving of herself for others. Her wisdom is deep because she is receptive to God's wisdom. She has journeyed to the place where wisdom gives way to faith, and is more concerned about validating others than demonstrating her own insights. She is a loyal believer dedicated to encouraging the good in everyone she meets. She is an incredibly gifted encourager, listener, and caregiver who is focused on eternal rather than temporary results. Linda is sophisticated yet unpretentious, supportive yet willing to challenge, and tactful yet honest. I have had the honor of seeing Linda minister to others who were hurting with pain Linda herself was still trying to process. She cares enough for people that she can and does enter the world of their pain even when it is painful to her. She has turned some of life's deepest and most painful losses into acts of love and service to others. She cares deeply for others without enabling them to stay in their pain. She has depth and yet an ability to have fun enjoying God's gift of life. 
John Watson is a loyal friend, trusted confidant, and loved shepherd to a number of people. He has served as a formal shepherd in the past. He is a genuine and open man who is what he presents himself to be. He has a wide range of people with whom he can interact with an appreciation that is not at all patronizing. He has a courageous integrity that causes him to stand for what he believes to be right . . .  even if he stands alone. Yet, he has the people insight and wisdom to effectively evaluate when he should push and when he should simply differ while honoring the group. John is very creative and willing to take risks for the sake of progress. I have seen him take risks for people over and over as he patiently and deeply invests his heart and resources into providing opportunities for new hope. He has provided opportunities for more people than I can count. John was one of the original members of the Muskogee Church of Christ where he also served as an elder. 
Randy Willingham I am a grateful to experience ministry beyond my own ability. God’s mercy is the only experience I know that is more real than the damage of sin. My greatest fear is self-centeredness. My second greatest fear is self-centeredness in others. God has lifted me from despair into hope that is more powerful than life itself. I have deeply sought hope that will not disappoint through experiences of death, heartache, disappointment, failure, and even success. I found my own heart full of idols and false dependencies but have been freed to trust God beyond myself.

When I really believed God loved me, I stopped making demands of others that they could not meet. I began trusting God for what I could not see, hear, or discover. God gave me what I was trying to take but could never achieve. Now, the greatest joy of my life is being a carrier of God’s true hope to a world of empty hopes and false promises. My prayer is that God’s Spirit will enter and then flow from my heart to quench the thirst of others (John 7:37-39). God has graciously given me the joy of experiencing His flow hand in hand with friends, the people of Pure Heart Vision. 
Bill Johnson is very good at moving a group conversation along in a way that brings about deeper harmony, more genuine authenticity, and greater mutual respect. He is articulate, insightful, and courageous enough to engage relational dynamics in a way that both challenges and reassures participants. He is a very good and discerning listener who is both empowering and challenging. He grasps the relational nature of the Gospel and lives that out in very practical ways. Bill is always well organized, dedicated to the task, and invested in the relationships. He loves to empower others and would rather ensure that others have a voice than that he be able to voice himself. Yet, he is very good at speaking his heart and mind completely without disrespecting or disregarding the voice of others who may disagree. He is also a natural for distinguishing good from bad processes as people work together. As a result, he consistently contributes to a high level of group synergy. He is both dedicated and deep in his walk with the Lord, his family, and the church.
Jesse Trice is an amazing man of Spirit filled virtue. His qualities are deep and clearly grow from the depth of his character shaped by the cross, informed by the Word, and given to God's will. He is passionate, powerful, intentional, and helpfully wise. Dr. Trice lives out a staggering level of dediccation to the people he serves. He is faithful through and through as he serves others with a pace that would intimidate almost any work alcoholic. And, yet, he is always fully present when engaging an individual. Jesse is a man who embodies the work of the Holy Spirit in that he is very bold and, yet, very kind. I once heard him preach and it was like experiencing lightening! He is charismatic and, yet, I always get the clear sense that he loves people and is very sensitive to them. He does not impose himself on others but he lifts us up, challenges us, and helps us know we are loved. He is centered on God's grace while not hesitate at all to call us to be what God expects. I like to think of him as a "lightening bolt of love." He is a gifted individual who offers his giftedness to God as a sacrifice of service and all who know him benefit.
Gabriel Avila is a dedicated, disciplined, and focused disciple who deeply cares for people, values a high level of achievement, and loves to discern God's will. He has dedicated his heart to ministry in very deliberate ways for years. He came close to studying for full-time ministry years ago but decided, rather, to be an optometrist. Yet, he became an optometrist with a plan. Dr. Avila decided to own a practice rather than work for someone else so that he could eventually give himself to some expression of ministry. After completing his doctorate, he moved to Abilene, Texas to begin his optometry practice. He intentionally chose Abilene because he planned to develop financially to the place where he could attend Abilene and do a theological degree under people like the late Dr. Charles Siburt. In a relatively short amount of time he took over ownership of the practice and developed his business enough to enter theological training and join Pure Heart Vision. He has not waited, however, to serve. He has served faithfully as a deacon, has assisted in minister searches, and has contributed to multiple ministry efforts. Gabriel has always had a focus on that which lasts for eternity with an eye toward caring for people because of his love for God.

In Memory
Thinking of Dr. Charles Siburt

We lost the physical presence of our beloved Dr. Charles Siburt but we will never forget him. Much of our consulting and coaching work is inspired by and dedicated to him. He is missed every day. Our Center for Spiritual Leadership is dedicated to Drs. Siburt and Flavil Yeakley. And, we dedicate our attempt to assist ministers and churches in transition to Dr. Siburt.

He was a unique mixture of high level competence and genuine deep compassion. He loved true harmony but was willing to challenge cheap, superficial, or false peace. He constructively challenged people with courageous care that was both truthful and relevant to greater maturity. Charles loved to empower others, and to experience others reaching their God-given potential. He was a master at helping others close the gap on who they were becoming without imposing himself or his own agenda. Personally, he lived a dedicated life of purpose and meaning that was very intentional.

He was like a great artist when it comes to interpersonal relationships, and his masterpieces were pictures of truth in love framed with grace - and, sometimes, painful grace. He was, though legally blind, repeatedly described as the most insightful and wise man others ever experienced. Ironically, almost poetically, he saw what others didn't before their very eyes; he saw what mattered most. He blessed us as Chair of our Pure Heart Vision Board until he left his loved ones to be with the Lord on July 11, 2012.


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