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Our services offer empowering care, breakthrough insight, and meaningful connection. Some resources are for members only.
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  • Empowering Care Services
    • Minister Connections Retreat: A Sabbath that Renews Hope

      Ministry Connections Retreat (MCR) invite a small group of ministers and spouses to a Thursday evening through Sunday sabbatical retreat (3 to 4 couples). Our mission is to empower, equip, and encourage ministry couples by providing understanding, perspective, and connection. We provide tools, networking, and opportunities to sustain ministry. Most of all, we provide ears that understand, from experience, the unique challenges of Christian ministry. And, we offer realistic and true hope that our work eternally matters.

      We offer this gift at no expense to the ministry couples. Although this is an invitation only event, you can suggest names to be invited by
      clicking here.

      Ministry Connections Retreat: A Sabbath that Renews Hope continues and builds upon the work known as the Minister Support Network (MSN) begun by Charles & Judy Siburt, Paul & Gladys Faulkner, David & Jeneanne Wray, and Eddie & Annette Sharp. The MSN ministered to more than 800 ministry couples over more than 15 years. Pure Heart Vision offers this caregiving ministry for caregivers in honor of the work done by these original couples.

      Click the link above to suggest someone or call Susie DuBose or Randy Willingham at (501) 279-4573 for more information.

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      Conflict Breakthroughs

      Conflict can bring us to breakdown or breakthrough. We take conflict seriously but are not panicked by its threats. We understand the developmental value of conflict and consistently experience breakthrough.

      Yet, we are not naive as we understand religious conflict is the most difficult conflict on earth to resolve. No business, family, or government conflict is as challenging as is conflict with spiritual dimensions. 
      Click here to hear one of the most effective conflict mediators in the world describe this reality. Yet, we see most church conflicts turn around for positive growth and deep transformation.

      We understand the difference between constructive and destructive conflict. We understand conflict from both an academic and experiential perspective. We repeatedly see conflict turn around years that other professionals consider lost causes.

      Although we are well aware of and will at times utilize economic models, we prefer something like the narrative models of
      Sarah Cobb but work primarily out of a biblical theological approach.

      Before agreeing to assist, we pre-qualify the group. Sometimes we are asked to help in a conflict before key people have admitted a conflict exists. Most of the time, however, we are asked to help when the conflict has developed to a point where some loss has resulted. So, the timing and nature of our entry is very important.

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      Inside Stories of Deep Grace

      A workshop was conducted which exposed people to a genuine caregiver, to family dynamics, to issues of drug addiction, helped church members find their place in the body of Christ, and connected people who had an interest in knowing each other but had only heard of each other.

      This very personal and intimate workshop is currently being processed and is not yet available to view. The workshop was shared with Christian brothers and sisters and is currently only available to members who attended the event. Eventually we will release the material to others.

      The material will be useful to anyone struggling with adult children and/or people facing questions of treatment options for chemical addiction. We expect this material to be very useful to a number of people and we anticipate having it available in the near future.

      Check back to the site for this material or let us know you want to be notified when it is available. For now, I will simply make you aware of two sources to highlight the problem and a move toward solutions. 

      Click here for the problem.

      Click here for an alternative to typical treatment options.

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      New Beginning Fund

      For ministers who have been fired, we provide financial assistance for up to three months based on the following conditions:

          1) availability of funds
          2) terminated minister's openness to a process of growth, healing, and debriefing during the interim period
          3) terminated minister plans to stay in ministry and has either spousal support for that decision or receives coaching as a couple
          4) develop a covenant for redemptive action during the transition phase
          5) acceptance by a team of at least three ad hoc caregivers who evaluate the case

      The purpose of these funds are to relieve financial and emotional stress of the minister and their family. This is an opportunity for them to gain discernment before making a decision about their next position.

      Funds will either be a gift or a zero interest loan to be paid back no sooner than 18 months after entry into a new ministry.

      We know personally individuals, and their stories, who have turned deeply painful termination experiences into phenomenal life changing growth opportunities.

      The Barna Group points out that about 1800 ministers leave ministry every month. 80% believe that ministry has affected their families negatively and 70% have lower self-esteem after entering the ministry than they did before entering. If you have been fired and you plan to continue in ministry, you could be one of a very small minority who learns the value of deep transformation.

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      Termination Negotiation

      If you are going to fire your minister call us first. We may be able to help. If you think you are in danger of being fired we may be able to help. Some would not call especially if they felt we could help. However, we may be able to help especially if a forced termination does occur. Thousands have been down this road so there is no reason to close off insight from lessons learned.

      Firing a minister is devastating for the minister, the minister's family, and also the church. Research used to certify Interim Ministers from the Intentional Interim Ministry indicates that typically when a minister leaves you have three groups in the congregation. About one third of the congregation thinks the end of the world has come because this particular minister is leaving. Another third of the group thinks the end of the world is going to come if the minister doesn't leave soon enough. And, another third of the group doesn't have a clue and doesn't really care either way. These are normal dynamics that are exacerbated when the exit is a forced termination.

      Additionally, a congregation has collective and corporate grief if they have strong feelings for the minister - whether those feelings are positive or negative. For example, they will have grief if they deeply love the minister and feel they are losing him or if they, on the other hand, have had their trust violated by the minister having an affair with the secretary who is married to one of the lay leaders of the church.

      We can assist you in working through the dynamics to recover from damage or at least to minimize the damage done.

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      The Return to Innocence: It IS Possible

      Louis McBurney, a Mayo-Clinic psychiatrist had a vision for helping ministers that led to the Marble Retreat where many find hope. Dr. McBurney was shocked and burdened by the number of ministry people facing challenges with no place to turn.

      He identified five major challenges for these caregivers: 1) a sense of their own identity, 2) anger, 3) loneliness and isolation, 4) job security, and 5) sexuality. The Barna Institute says 70% who go into ministry feel worse about themselves after ministry! The Center for Christian Broadcasting also reports that one out of every two Christian males views pornography.

      Can you imagine your ministry if your guilt of sexual impurity  could be flipped to confidence and spiritual victory? What if you engaged someone who really understands enough to challenge you and still have non-patronizing compassion? Even if you do not have a pornography battle you know someone who does . . . even if you don’t know, they do. What if you could help them find freedom?

      Is there hope! Yes! You can experience freedom. Others have found victory some say does not exist. You can escape. There are a small number who can break free without reaching out to another person. But, why? There is no need to walk this path alone.

      Tools, confidential webinars, and loving but bold and truthful caregivers are available and motivated to help anyone serious about the "holiness without which no one will see the Lord" (Hebrews 12:14). Click here for our Return to Innocence resources. Or, check out our featured resource below.

      The Mouse Trap: The Dangers of Internet Pornography Preview . . .

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      Wounded Healer Response

      We provide short term care for hurting and wounded ministers or their spouses with caring coaches who understand what it means to be beat up, burned out, depressed, and angry.

      In a world of unhelpful helpers and a shortage of real caregivers, we don't want to shoot our wounded! We believe this to be true even if and when the wound is self-inflicted as king David inflicted a wound on himself by taking Bathsheba and killing Uriah. was David's. There is still hope.

      Sometimes helpers get infected by those they try to help. Other times they enter their helping role with naive views about the work they are entering. So, we are not surprised by cynicism, addiction, relational problems, broken marriages, trauma, inescapable grief, or even self-inflicted wounds from extreme burnout.

      Caregivers for this kind of ministry are rare even though the need is great. As a result, our capacity may be stretched at times but we will do all we can to help. We care and we will seek to connect you with responsible caregivers who understand but are not overcome by your heartache.

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  • Breakthrough Insight Services
    • Congregational Coaching and Consulting

      Our care seeks to provide as much value as possible for churches that are willing to grow. We can visit with you about any consulting needs and suggest consultants or ministry coaches who may fit your needs. We can connect you with consultants and coaches in various areas of certification and specialty such as conflict managment, minister transitions, congregational organization, elder selection processes or leadership development.

      The primary difference between coaching and consulting is that consulting works with a congregation or a sub-group within a congregation whereas coaching is one-on-one work with a caregiver.

      We are committed to putting the needs of churches and Christian caregivers above keeping consultants in business. And, yet, we have experienced the deep value of good consultants to provide external and objective perspective, broader awareness of churches, and breakthrough thinking.

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      Digital Library

      John Stott, the prominent English churchman, when interviewed in the Great Preaching program that he believed the greatest danger facing the western church is "anti-intellectualism." Churches have wildly swung from an intellectual focus on faith to a feeling focus on faith. We believe that either one without the other is very dangerous. The choice is like deciding whether to keep the right or left hand! Or, more accurately, whether to inhale or exhale!

      In an attempt to "love God with all our minds" we offer substance for deep discipleship. We, particularly, want to provide materials that passionately stir the heart AND deeply challenge the mind. We hope that ministers will find useful material which will challenge and feed them as they prepare themselves to feed others.

      Our collection comes from thousands of sermons, classes, and lectures that offer ongoing value. We are adding digitized messages that have historical, discipleship, encouragement, or instructional value.

      We intend to eventually provide collections around various speakers along with searchable transcripts of the messages. This collection should be valuable for anyone wanting to deepen their discipleship to Christ. Check back on this growing source so that you can use these sources in teaching and for your own spiritual growth.

      While these resources are useful on their own, their value is exponentially increased if you intentionally process selected pieces in conversation with a spiritual mentor.

      Click here for the currently available Digital Library.

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      Field Connection Series: How Archaeology Relates to the Bible

      Dr. Dale Manor, a faculty member of Harding University's College of Bible and Ministry and Field Director of Tel Beth-Shemesh Excavations in Israel, worked with John Watson, Lou Butterfield, and Randy Willingham to create How Archaeology Relates to the Bible as a 13 week curriculum for churches.  

      Not only does Dr. Manor direct the Tel Beth-Shemesh Excavations but he is a dedicated churchman who has conducted numerous weekend workshops for churches. The following links will give you insight into Dr. Manor, his work, and the material provided by Pure Heart Vision to churches. This series is perfect for a 13 week study and can be easily facilitated by a church member.

      Dr. Monte Cox, Dean of the College of Bible and Ministry at Harding University, describes Dr. Manor's Work ...


      Sample of Dr. Manor's How Archaeology Relates to the Bible ...

      Click here to order Dr. Manor's DVD series. The suggested donation is $30. 

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      Flavil Yeakley Research Library

      Dr. Flavil Yeakley has been a researcher and statistician for over 40 years. His work on the Church of Christ provides a lens by which to view the historical trends in the Churches of Christ, as well as a tool for helping to shape its future.

      Dr. Yeakley zeroed in on leadership as one of the primary keys to church growth decades before the movement within the Churches of Christ to encourage elders toward more of a shepherding model. He has been a significant voice for that emphasis. Dr. Yeakley is providing his material for free through the The Flavil Yeakley Research Library. His material may be downloaded with no further permission needed by clicking on Dr. Yeakley's picture.

      Dr. Yeakley's Curriculum Vitae can be viewed by clicking here.

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      Godly Leader Profile

      We have a tool that facilitates a deep conversation engaging biblical theology, variables contributing to healthy spiritual influence, our perception of ourselves, and the ways others experience us!

      Over more than 20 years I have been helping churches and motivated Christians struggle with joining God's mission in the world. Much of that work has come together in the Godly Leader Profile. I began developing the tool when I was first introduced to the concept of 360 degree instruments a number of years ago. Initially, I received certification for using such
      instruments as
      The Leadership Circle Profile, The Leadership Culture Profile, The Conflict Dynamics Profile, etc.

      I quickly discovered the huge inadequacies when applying these instruments in the church contexts. These wonderful tools work for business by people trained in business from a business perspective. The need existed for a biblical theological understanding developed by a churchman for the church with the church's history, current mission, and future in mind.

      The result of that work is the Godly Leader Profile based upon the intersection of biblical theology, Christian experience, and theoretical insights from leadership research. Theoretical insights are not rejected. Current theoretical insights are critiqued and filtered by a biblical theological focus. Insights from research are put to work under the authority of biblical revelation.

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      Natural Church Development (NCD) Coaching

      Natural Church Development coaches can help a church recognize the relationship and connection between quantitative and qualitative church growth, get objective insight on variables relevant to church health, and offer strategies for moving toward greater effectiveness as a church.

      My work experience in conflict allows us to add a dimension of congregational inner conflict to questions of growth. The NCD is a great tool for bringing out these dynamics in a way that is helpful. Most churches say they want to grow but they also want to stay the same.

      The NCD survey has been conducted with over 80,000 churches. When used by a competent consultant, the resulting insight has consistently increased the growth that comes from congregational health. Rather than working with a "church growth model" the NCD works as a principled approach to growth that focuses health as much as it focuses on numerical growth.

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      Practical Ministry Series

      Randy Willingham began hosting the Practical Ministry Sessions during the annual Harding University Lectureship in 2006. He sought to provide engagements between Christian servants on topics relevant to the church.

      A partial listing of topics are: New Elders for a New Church: The Riverside Story, Holy Conversations on Race & Faith, Serving Beyond the Answers, What about the Minister Shortage?, The Way of God’s Influence, The Relevant Church, and
      Shepherding God’s Flock.

      Our series has brought diverse people from all over the nation to our table in a collaborative pursuit of faithful Christian living. We have included Evertt Huffard, Eddie Randolph, Charles Siburt, Flavil Yeakley, Leslie Leyland Fields, Jesse Trice, various members of the Harding University Bible department, Jeff and Cindy Payne, Taylor Payne, and several others. We have also featured several congregations who have done exemplary work.

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      Relevant Ministry Teleconferences

      Our web/telephone conferences bypass geographical limitations to engage experts, opinion leaders, and scholars in high value but low cost conversation. One of the best ways to understand these conferences is to look at previous ones. Future calls will be similar.

      Does God Need a Psychiatrist?
      Drs. Randy Willingham and Charles Siburt engage Dr. Dan Blazer, a nationally respected psychiatrist who won the Oscar Fister Award (the highest award given by the American Psychiatric Association to scholars making contributions to psychiatry and religion).
      The conversation also engages the role of medication in the lives of Christians, and what makes Christian ministry caregivers unique among helping professions.

      Pain, Prayer, & the Presence of God: Praying Through Our Grief
      Drs. Randy Willingham and Kevin Youngblood interact with Mike Martin about the death of his daughter, Heather. And, Dr. Youngblood describes his experience of losing a child.

      The conversation is dedicated to Randy Willingham's aunt who lost her middle child before losing her oldest child two years later in another accident. We provide a biblical theological conversation about the presence of God in the pain of the deepest grief known to human beings.

      Escaping Parenting Myths
      Drs. Randy Willingham and Charles Siburt engaged author Leslie Leyland Fields in a conversation that frees parents from false guilt and places parenting our children (of any age) in a biblical framework.

      Click here for a video interview with Leslie Fields.

      Click here to suggest a topic for a future call.

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      Yeakley Church Growth Assessment

      Over 118 combined years are harvested to produce this consulting process intended to turn strategic planning into an experience of spiritual discernment. We discover in-depth actionable insight for church outreach and church health. We pursue a communal understanding of God's direction for the church in a three-dimensional conversation (with God, with our brothers and sisters in the church, and our neighbors in the community).

       Everything in the project builds toward three outcomes at the end. The first outcome is a creative thinking session that includes well-informed, highly invested, and trusted members of the congregation. We lead them in a collaborative conversation between the formal and informal leadership of a church. Second, a consultant offers recommended actions. We deliberately mix together the objective insights of external observers and the subjective insights of more deeply involved people. We recognize the need for both objectivity and subjectivity in our final analysis and we deliberately harvest the upside of detached objectivity and attached subjectivity. Finally, the formal leadership of the congregation presents a one page action plan to the people involved in the creative thinking session.

      The result is an assessment that is deep, provides benchmark data, that is "implementation friendly," and that develops the leadership as insight for action emerges.

      The Yeakley Church Growth Assessment is named in honor of
      Dr. Flavil Yeakley, Jr. who is an acknowledged authority on church growth. He has conducted research for over 40 years with hundreds of studies with churches, and assisted me when I was at a turning point for my ministry. The assessment is developed from the combined consulting experience of Drs. Flavil Yeakley, Charles Siburt, and Randy Willingham over the course of a combined 118 years of church consulting.

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  • Meaningful Connection Services
    • Minister Transition Services

      The minister shortage is real and increasing. Additionally, the dynamics of looking for ministers have changed drastically from past generations. We keep a list of ministers who are not on the radar as potential candidates. These ministers are open to considering certain kinds of ministry challenges but are doing very well in their current ministries. They are not looking for an exit but they are simply open to what they may perceive to be a more strategic placement for greater good. On the church side of things, we are often aware of churches that may use the recruiting method to make a hire rather than the advertising method.

      We try to centralize into one place a number of resources relevant to your search such as consultant options for the transition, contact people who know of potential ministers/churches, interim ministry options, fill in speaker options, potential workshops during the transition, compensation benchmarks for ministers, sources for ministers/churches advertising their search, lectures on managing the transition well, and a Ministry Transition Ebook for church search committees.
      Click here for materials.

      You can also put your name on our radar as a minister/church looking or as one who can be useful to churches in minister transition. The following links may be useful.

                         Minister Looking Form                           Church Looking Form

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      Pure Heart Vision Mentorships

      We recruit Harding University students as interns who embody and develop the values of Pure Heart Vision, to learn the stories of sacrificial caregivers, and to serve others in high levels of dedication. Each intern receives a scholarship in honor of someone who exemplifies the spirit of Pure Heart Vision.

      Our target recruit has strong interest in some form of Christian ministry such as preaching, congregational ministry, counseling, or some level of church leadership. Our interns have been male and female, culturally diverse, and have differed widely in their future ministry focus. Their shared embodiment of PHV values is what makes them one. You can see current and past interns on our Identity Page.

      What if you know someone you believe to be a candidate for honoring as a caregiver whose stories the interns can learn? Or, what if you know someone who may be a candidate for a PHV mentorship? Please read and view the materials below in order to better understand the internship. If you still believe we should consider a particular candidate after processing the material then
      click this link.

      Feel free to call one of our interns or Randy Willingham at (501) 279-4573 for conversation regarding our mentorships or the people whose stories they learn. Or, click the links below.

      Mentorship Brochure                    Mentorship Newsletter 1                Mentorship Newsletter 2

                             Current & Past Interns and the Caregiver Stories they Represent

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  • Case Studies
    • Living Cases - Overhearing Your Own Story

      Imagine that you have a case within your congregation for which you would like outside insight from appropriate experts, external perspectives, and hindsight gathered from comparable cases in other churches. If your case is accepted we will compile a team of caregivers from other parts of the country who will process your case while you and others overhear us process. Afterward you can grade us.

      Click here to submit a case to be considered.

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      Living Cases - Silent Partners

      Opportunities exist for Silent Partners to shadow live cases of consulting, coaching, or conflict turn arounds. Most of the time these are conference calls but in some cases can be on-site visits. Silent Partners must abide by the following guidelines.

      1.No speaking. Phones must be muted for the entire interaction. Upon initial entry into the call they should not introduce themselves even if the automated recording asks them to do so. If the Silent Partner is shadowing on-site there should be no comments in session and no advice given about the case between sessions. Reflections should be communciated to Randy Willingham only. Exceptions to this rule exist but they must be initiated by Randy Willingham.

      2.Confidentiality. Names, events, circumstances, etc. should be kept confidential.

      3.Recorded materials may only be used for briefings on the meetings or for processing the conversation with Randy Willingham. Recorded materials must be deleted by all Silent Partners once the purpose for the recording is completed.

      4.Do not initiate contact with people of the case during the time that the case is open.

      5.Only initiate contact with the people of the case after the case is closed and only if they bless that contact.

      If you are interested in being a Silent Partner click here to complete the Silent Partner Survey and then call (501) 279-4573 to arrange a call with Randy Willingham.

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      Cases Processed #1-2

      Congregational Meeting
      A congregational meeting occurs to update the congregation's articles of incorporation and to decide whether or not to have a consultant who has been assisting them continue helping. The person taking notes for the evening is accidentally handed a note from the stand-in consultant while the primary consultant was unable to attend. She mistakenly reads the note to the surprise of the consultant and almost everyone in the room. Elder #1 and two deacons have taken almost all the money from the church account and put it in CD's with their names on it without the church knowing.

      Expecting a Call: A Minister Caught in an Elder's Trouble
      The elder calls the minister after church on a hot Sunday afternoon. "You are going to receive a call in a couple of hours. I'm not going to tell you about what you're going to hear other than to say that what you will hear is true. And, you're not going to like it," says the elder. The minister asks, "Who is calling? Why are they calling?" The elder says, "You'll know soon enough. Call me after you've received the call and I'll do whatever you think I need to do."

      You must be a member of PHV and a Silent Partner to access these cases and other cases along with the supplemental materials for processing them.

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      Cases Processed #3-4

      Fighting for a Fight
      A small congregation with a multi-generational pattern of dysfunctional conflict orient a new minister to life on the dysfunctional side of church life. Elder #2 was, at one time, the minister ... but was fired . . . but then stayed and became an elder (since he did not tell the church he had been fired Elder #1 selected him as an elder) . . . but then he hired the next minister . . . but then fired that minister . . . but then hired the next minister . . . but then eventually fired that minister . . . but then recanted the fact that he fired that minister . . . but then chose to stay around and assist the church learn how to manage conflict more effectively. What kind of a church does this? And, what kind of young minister is attracted to this kind of a church?

      Frank the Framer: A New Member with Old Habits
      Frank, an architect, takes a job with a church for a building project in another town. He plans to move to that town within a few months after finishing the building project. He has been attending the congregation and is sure that he will place membership with the congregation once he makes the move. He ends up in a conflict with Will Bridges who is the chairman of the building committee. The first time the church leadership team realizes a conflict exists is when they meet for their weekly meeting and the secretary delivers a letter from Frank. You have 15 minutes for briefing on why Will is the chairman of the building committee and to ask anything you want to ask. Then, you have 30 minutes to engage each other about the response you will or will not make to the letter.

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      Cases Processed #5-7

      "Polite Criticism" or Truth in Love
      A church ends up with two of their most influential members at odds with each other but they are too polite to admit it. Therefore, the church is stuck in their unacknowledged conflict. And, the church is too polite to point it out, except behind closed doors.

      Repentance: Is it Good for Your Marriage?
      The congregation is a Church of Christ that has been strongly turned off by what they perceive to be an arrogant, dogmatic, and harshly judgmental view of some churches of Christ. They thought at one point about becoming a community church. They decided to remain with the churches of Christ and some wanted to remain so they could embody what they believed the Church of Christ can and should be. Into their church story walks a couple in their mid 50's. The couple is attending because the congregation is known for being accepting, loving, and grace focused. The couple visits the elders about joining. To your surprise some of the elders know the couple very well. One of the elders says, "are you repentant for marrying your wife?" He says, "yes, but I would marry her all over again if I had it to do again." The elders are clearly uncomfortable and you realize there is "a story below the line of awareness."

      This Way or That?
      A young couple struggling with their direction after graduation from a Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) program comes to you for advice. They are at an impasse regarding their direction and it looks like things are getting more complicated rather than clearing up.

      You must be a member of PHV and a Silent Partner to access these cases and other cases along with the supplemental materials for processing them.

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      Cases Processed #8-9

      Two Ministers and Only One Baby/Body
       Two women stood before Solomon arguing over a baby and revealed their true heart because one of them really loved the baby. The other one had pretend love. The true mother would give her child up if it meant hope for the child. Think of these two women in conflict as you consider two ministers locked in conflict. They are tempted to decide their ministry is so important to the church that they are willing to polarize the church in order to win. At one level, they are truly concerned for the church. On another level they confuse concern for church with an expression of their sarx rather than the Imago Dei. Each of them claims, of course, to push their side of the conflict because they love the church. How can we "love the church" so much we become willing to move it dangerously close to a split? Will they learn to love in time? What will bring out the best of their hearts rather than justify the worst of their behavior?
      Who has the Authority? A Case Where the Solution is the Problem
       Two influential leaders, Elder #1 and Minister #1, are in conflict as they each claim biblical authority for the legitimacy of their right and even call by God to "lead the church." Count the number of elders in the current eldership and realize that three times that number used to be elders but stepped down because of conflict with Elder #1. Minister #1 is foolish enough to think that the elders who involved him in the conflict will take responsibility when it doesn't work out well.

      You must be a member of PHV and a Silent Partner to access these cases and other cases along with the supplemental materials for processing them.

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  • Readings
    • TitleAuthorReviewerRatingView
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      Page size:
       45 items in 5 pages
      Parenting Is Your Highest Calling: And 8 Other Myths That Trap Us in Worry and GuiltFields, Leslie LeylandJamie DriggersView
      Life at the Bottom: The Worldview That Makes the UnderclassTheodore DalrympleRandy WillinghamView
      His Needs/Her Needs Building an Affair-Proof MarriageWillard HarleyRandy WillinghamView
      God is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the WorldStephen ProtheroRandy WillinghamView
      Bargaining with the Devil: When to Negotiate, When to FightRobert MnookinRandy WillinghamView
      The Culture Code: An Ingenious Way to Understand Why People Around the World Live and Buy as They DoClotaire RapailleRandy WillinghamView
      The Art of Waking People Up: Cultivating Awareness and Authenticating at WorkKenneth ClokeRandy WillinghamView
      Mediating DangerouslyKenneth ClokeRandy WillinghamView
      Negotiation Genius: How to Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Brilliant Results at the Bargaining Table and BeyondDeepak Malhotra and Max BazermanRandy WillinghamView
      From Pentecost to Patmos - An Introduction to Acts through RevelationCraig BlombergRandy WillinghamView
  • Digital Library
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       25 items in 3 pages
      Carl SpainModern Challenges to Christian MoralsAbilene Christian University Links
      Charles SiburtMinister Transitions for Churches  Excellent material from the "Church Doctor," Dr. Charles Siburt.Links
      Charles SiburtMinister Transitions for Ministers An excellent resource for ministers and churches entering a minister transition.Links
      Fred CraddockThe Last Great Temptation of the ChurchPrinceton University Commencement Speech Links
      Jeff WallingJesus Calls Us Out of This WorldHarding University Links
      Jimmy AllenEven So, Come Lord JesusTulsa Soul Winning Workshop Links
      Jimmy AllenRomans Lectures (4)Harding University Links
      Jimmy AllenSalvation by Grace Through FaithAcross the nation Links
      Jimmy AllenWhat is Hell LikeAcross the nation Links
      Joe BeamHe Lifted Me from the Ragged EdgeTulsa Soul Winning Workshop Links
  • Other Resources
    • Arkansas Shepherding Conference & Elderlink

      These are two great resources for elders. The Arkansas Shepherding Conference is modeled on the work of Charles Siburt's development of Elderlink except the Arkansas Shepherding Conference is more focused on the state of Arkansas whereas the Elderlink is hosted in different parts of the country. Dr. Monte Cox, a team of churchmen, and the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ collaborate to produce the conference. The demand for the conference has been strong.

      The "Navigate to this Resource" takes you to the Elderlink information.
      The next Arkansas Shepherding Conference will be held in the near future.

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      Center for Spiritual Leadership (CSL)

      The Center for Spiritual Leadership is a partnership between Pure Heart Vision and Harding University. Basically, the CSL is the place where Pure Heart Vision and Harding University overlap. The CSL implements intitatives funded by PHV.

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      Conflict Dynamics Profile

      We can provide certified Conflict Dynamics Profile coaches. The CDP is produced by the The Center for Conflict Dynamics at Eckerd College. The tool is more useful in the business context but has some value in the church context. 

      A number of unique dimensions make this tool useful. The tool can be taken as a 360 or as an individual survey. Call 501-279-4573 for more information regarding the use of this profile. Click the "Navigate to this Resource" for a brochure. 
      Click here for a sample report. Click the video below for an introduction to the CDP.

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      Courageous Conversations, L.L.C.

      Courageous Conversations, L.L.C. is a consulting company owned by Randy Willingham. Courageous Conversations are high value conversational engagements that surface, articulate, and act upon loving truth. We mix compassion and courage in a blend that simultaneously comforts and challenges ourselves and others.

      Courageous Conversations have the following characteristics:

      •  Disciplined focus yet deeply open to discovering new direction
      •  Gentle in kindness yet just as brutal in honesty
      •  Deliberate about outcomes yet trusting God for surprising results

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      Flavil Yeakley Research Library

      Dr. Flavil Yeakley has been a researcher and statistician for over 40 years. His work on growth trends of the Church of Christ provide a lens by which to view the historical trends in the Churches of Christ, as well as a tool to help to project its future. Dr. Yeakley is now using his expertise to bless the Center for Spiritual Leadership. He spends his time writing, being a resource person and advisor to Randy Willingham, and serving on the board for Pure Heart Vision.

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      Health Insurance Options for Ministers

      One of the remaining gifts from Charles Siburt's life is his collaboration with others for ministers to produce the Christian Leaders Benefit Alliance (CLBA). The CLBA is a non-profit organization that provides health care benefits and options to those affiliated with the Church of Christ (churches and schools) as well as other organizations from the Stone-Campbell heritage.
      CLBA works with a health insurance plan administered by Highmark BlueCross and Blue Shield. For more information navigate to their web site.

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      Kerusso Preaching Camp

      The Kerusso Experience is a week long preaching and ministry symposium for 9th to 12th grade young men. The purpose of the symposium is to expose students to the sacred tasks of Christian ministry. Students will be taught Bible and preaching by the accomplished and experienced faculty of Harding University's College of Bible and Ministry, and they will be mentored by the best and the brightest students that the College has to offer. (Taken from the Kerusso brochure).

      Harding University is seriously attempting to equip people for ministry who can serve in pulpits. This ministry asks churches to identify young men who may have promise in congregations and let us know. We want to see them at this camp. Even though there is a small fee Harding will be covering most of the cost of making this happen as an investment toward equipping ministers.

      If you would like to put a young person on our radar as a possibility for this camp we ask that you contact Devin Swindle at
      dswindle@harding.edu or 501-279-4146.

      Click the link below for the camp brochure. Please feel free to use the brochure in your church.

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      Retirement Planning for Ministers

      TIAA-CREF has agreed to provide retirement planning services for qualified ministers and employees of churches of Christ who desire to be a part of this program through Harding University. The purpose of the plan is to assist churches with providing the necessary tools to assist their ministers and employees in preparing for future retirement needs. An eligible institution can adopt the Plan by submitting an Adoption Agreement to Harding University. In the Adoption Agreement, an institution can choose one or both of the options for contributing to the Plan.

      For more information, click on Retirement Planning, e-mail retirement@harding.edu or call David Ross or Lisa Spears at 501-279-4380.

      (Excerpt from the Harding University website)

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      Tax Services for Ministers - Assist, Inc.

      Assist, Inc. has been serving ministers for over 40 years in the areas of tax planning/preparation, insurance & retirement planning.

      Assist, Inc. provides the following:

      1. A unique system of tax services for ministers, missionaries, and churches. Because they specialize in working with ministers, they know how to design programs to help reduce tax liabilities and help ministers accomplish their goals.

      2. Expert knowledge about the special needs of ministers with sensitivity to Biblical attitudes about money and stewardship.

       3. Service to clients in tax planning and preparation. They also help ministers budget for their quarterly taxes and file them in a timely way. By doing this, they advocate good stewardship.

       4. Assist, Inc. also works with missionaries from around the world with taxes and international health insurance.
      (Taken from the Assist, Inc. website)

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      The Leadership Circle Profile & The Leadership Circle Culture Profile

      We are certified to offer the The Leadership Circle which is a tool for the business world developed by Bob Anderson over nearly 30 years. Bob was mentored by Peter Block and has worked with large corporations, government, and educational institutions. The tool provides an understanding of leader behavior and the underlying thinking in the business context. Metrics are determined based upon years of leadership research. You can learn more about the profile by clicking the link entitled "The Leadership Circle." The instrument is an extremely impressive, rich, and multi-faceted view of you as a leader. The profile compares the way you see yourself with the way others experience you and to several thousand business leaders in the database.

      We also provide
      The Leadership Culture Survey which compares the culture where you work compared to the way workers wish the culture to be. The tool also compares your work culture to the responses of other companies.

      Click the link below for a brochure. Or, call 501-279-4573 for more information regarding the use of this individual leadership profile or the culture profile.

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      Volunteer Your Talent

      Would you like to work with or for Pure Heart Vision? We have found that many deeply want to contribute their talents, abilities, and resources to God's Kingdom. We often get inquiries about working and volunteering with Pure Heart Vision.

      Click on the link below to let us know any skills you have that you would like to develop further or put to use with us. We will not be able to provide immediate feedback but will try to respond within at least two weeks.

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